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Bedazzle Your Nails With Tin Peptides

Tin Peptide Nail Cream arose from Dr. Pickart testing Tin-Peptides for their effect on human hands. He found they produced smooth, moisturized younger-looking hands and strong, dazzling nails.

To renew the beauty of your nails, apply Tin Peptide Nail Renewal to your fingernails for two to four weeks and voila! You will see gorgeous rock hard nails that you will want to wave in the air like precious jewels. Can you imagine yourself with wonderfully strong, smooth and younger-looking nails? Very often our nails look less than perfect. Frequent use of nail polish and nail-polish removers, application of acrylic nails, nail gels, dish-washing, gardening and other activities put great stress on our fragile treasures.

Regular use of our Tin Peptide Nail Renewal helps improve your gleaming nails. How does it work? These nail loving peptides saturate your nail bed and cuticle with moisture and nurturing lipids, and enhance the smoothness of your fingernails and toenails.

Size: .5 oz jar (15ml)

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Tin Peptide Nail Renewal is a gentle cream saturated with nail-strengthening tin peptides, natural moisturizers, nourishing lipids and antioxidant vitamins. Now there is no excuse to let your nails become thin and fragile-looking. Beautiful nails with we
ll-moisturized cuticles and a smooth, polished look is so easy to achieve.

To keep your nails and fingers in top condition, use our nutrient packed Tin Peptide Cream twice daily. Don't forget to add yet another great product - TINPEP Hand Cream to keep your hands smooth, soft and beautiful.

When you buy Tin Peptide Nail Renewal

Apply Tin Peptide Nail Renewal to the nail and cuticle. Gently massage into the nail/cuticle area for 5 - 10 seconds. Use once or twice day.

Experience daily benefits from Dr. Pickart's tin peptides for stronger and smoother nails, natural moisturizers such as amino acids and aloe vera gel, nurturing lipids - squalane, cholesterol/lanosterol esters, pumpkin oil and natural antioxidants - vitamin E and mixed tocopherols, coenzyme Q10, lycopene and lutein.

Strong, smooth, polished, younger-looking - this is the formula for gorgeous nails with Tin Peptide Nail Renewal.

Supplements of MSM (2-4 grams daily, from a health food/supplements store) or flaxseed oil (4 grams daily) may also help.

Polish Your Jewels
By Idelle Musiek

Your nails are jewels not tools,
Tough as nails though they be,
Protecting the fingers like hard shells at sea,
Covering delicate nail moons
With hair shining glances
Refueling pink painted pinkies
And tip toed nail dances.
Do care for your jewels with true love and garnish.
But refrain from rough tough chemical varnish.
So treat your nails kindly with each lacquered coat.

"I used Tin Peptide Nail Renewal and take MSM, 4-6 grams daily, and have noticed amazing improvements in my nails. Just take a look at my picture!" [See Benefits/Testimonials Tab] - C.M.

"I really like the Tin Peptide Nail Cream. Now that winter is coming my cuticles have a tendency to get all jagged and painful, not to mention the cracks in the corners of my thumbs... I hope you'll be selling this all the time because I never want to be without it." - D.S.

"I wear acrylic nail overlays over my natural nail, have done so for years. My natural nails are thin, but grow fast...I have started using the Tin Peptide [Nail Renewal] daily, even over my overlay, rubbing the cream into the cuticles and under the cuticle into nail base. I also rub it around the edges of the acrylic. This has helped my nails stay flexible (which helps them adhere to the overlay better with less lifting) and also has lessened overlay separation and nail peeling. I do my acrylics myself, and am quite careful of the products used, avoiding the detrimental prep products etc. So even though I do wear acrylics, my nails are actually in quite good shape. But the Tin Peptide is a wonderful addition into my nail care, and a good option I think even for acrylic wearers." - T.L.


For healthier-looking nails, we recommend taking 2-4 grams MSM daily (available at most vitamin/supplement stores).

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This is the Real Deal!!! April 11, 2013
Reviewer: Sandra LaRosa from SANTA FE, TX United States  
I purchased this product after committing to breaking a 15 year acrylic nail habit. Having weak nails my entire life anyway, some of my nails did not exist all the way down to the cuticle after years of acrylic (I wish I would have taken pictures. I actually was afraid they might never grow back). I swallowed my pride and had ugly deformed nails for months (I was so tempted to get them "done" many, many times). I spent hours researching products that would help me erase the damage I had done. Four months later I am getting compliments on "my" nails. They are stronger and healthier than they have ever been in my life. If you purchase this product, use it and stick with it. You won't regret it!

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