Exfol Serum (Bonus)
Exfol Serum (Bonus)

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Sample Size: 1 oz (30ml)

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Since the skin is in layers and damage can exist in layers, it is important to use a good method of exfoliation along with copper peptides for improved results.

AM: After cleansing the skin, apply a light amount of your favorite copper-peptide product. The application should be so light that it just barely covers the area without leaving it excessively wet or damp.

PM: After cleansing the skin, apply a light amount of Exfol Serum (a 2% hydroxy acid exfoliant).


Exfol Serum is an oil-free exfoliating serum with 2% salicylic acid that works well for all skin types. [At pH 3.6, the actual concentration of exfoliating salicylic acid = 0.38% and the inert salicylate = 1.62%]

Salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid (BHA), helps exfoliate dead skin cells and loosen damaged skin proteins, allowing new luminous skin to emerge. Beta Hydroxy Acids, which are soluble in oil, penetrate the skin better than alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) such as glycolic acid.

BHAs are ideal for both aging and oily, blemish-prone skin due to their solubility and excellent exfoliating action. In aging skin, BHAs improve wrinkles and discoloration, especially when used together with copper-peptides.

In oily, blemish-prone skin, BHAs clear up your complexion, purify the skin, open clogged pores and help diminish blemishes while adding a healthy glow. Salicylic acid also helps copper peptides penetrate the dermis to mimic the biology of young skin, so that they can turn back the hands of time for your appearance.

Exfol Serum
- 2% salicylic acid works to gently exfoliate skin
- Aids in a more refreshed appearance and skin tone
Copper peptides work well in conjunction with beta hydroxy acids such as salicylic acid.

A leading dermatologist, Dr. Albert Kligman, believes that BHAs (in particular salicylic) are better than AHAs for anti-aging. Professor Kligman is well known in dermatology for his research on the anti-aging actions of retinoic acid (Retin-A).

BHA hydroxy acid (salicylic) helps to loosen damaged skin proteins.


Leave on. Do not wash off. Use cautiously around the eye area. Avoid upper eyelid.

Caution: Exfol Cream and Exfol Serum contain salicylic acid. If you have allergies to salicylates, we recommend you obtain a alpha hydroxy acid instead.

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