Folligen Cream (Bonus)
Folligen Cream (Bonus)

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1. Part the hair or separate into sections, so that the product can be applied directly on the scalp. If your hair is very thin, skip to Step 2.

2. Use FDA-approved Minoxidil to stimulate the growth of your hair. After you apply Folligen Nutrient Cream, you will notice an increasing improvement in the appearance, beauty, and the look of thickness of your hair. Folligen also supplies nutritional copper to your skin. Folligen Cream can be applied on the scalp once a day or once every other day. Massage into the scalp.

Apply a light amount of Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher for Hair after applying Folligen. Use Emu Oil as a light scalp oil.

Leave on the scalp for at least 6-8 hours before washing off. Product can be left on until the next time the hair is washed.


Folligen Therapy Cream combines copper-peptides in a synergistic formula enhanced by saw palmetto and antioxidants. The formula also contains peptides and the amino acid glycine that binds to the hair shaft to thicken the look of the hair in the manner used by spa-quality Hair Conditioners.

All Folligen products contain an effective concentration of blue-colored copper-peptide complexes and do not contain any blue dyes or scalp damaging detergents or alcohol. Folligen Solution Therapy Spray uses small amounts of polysorbate 20 and propylene glycol to enhance the uptake of copper-peptides.

For best results, we recommend using this product along with

Folligen is sold in two versions:
(1) Folligen Cream which works well on hairlines, and
(2) Folligen Solution Therapy Spray which can be sprayed as a fine mist on the scalp.

Folligen Cream
The cream works well on hairlines.

Folligen Solution Therapy Spray
This water-based (oil-free) Folligen formula comes with a sprayer for application.

Advanced Hair Tips: Folligen and Hair Signals Therapy


Apply directly to the scalp once a day or once every other day. Use sparingly. For improved results: massage into the scalp.

ADDITIONAL SUGGESTIONS: Air dry your hair whenever possible. Limit use of heat (blow dryers, curling irons, hot combs, flat irons) to special occasions only or not at all. Be careful of shampoos and conditioners which may contain harsh detergents and flash-foaming agents that strip protective coating proteins of the hair shaft. For shampoos/conditioners fortified with copper peptides, use Folligen Shampoo and Folligen Conditioner.

Supplements of MSM (2-4 grams daily) and flaxseed oil (4 grams daily) may also help with hair health and vitality.

Blonde Hair - Please Note: Light colored hair or light highlights may pick up a green tint if Folligen is in contact with the hair. Try to keep the products on the scalp. If a greenish tint occurs, just rinse with lemon juice and water to easily remove it. Or use Folligen for Blondes which is designed specifically for blonde hair.

Before Color Treating or Applying Hair Dye - Please Note: It is important to discontinue use of Folligen on the hair for about one week before attempting to chemically color treat the hair. Copper-peptides can possibly react with the hair dye, and although these occurrences are rare, the color may not come out as desired.

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