GHK DMSO Serum + Protect & Restore Classic Cream

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A powerful peptide combo for preventative skin maintenance and improvement, brought to you by biochemist Dr. Loren Pickart.

Skin Biology Thanks You with the first pairing of its kind! The original anti-aging facial cream (Protect & Restore Classic Cream) paired with Dr. Pickart's latest creation (GHK+DMSO Skin Smoothing Serum). Together these products work synergistically to moisturize and soothe the skin, while visibly reducing the signs of damage.

Small combo contains 2oz P&R Cream + 0.5oz GHK/DMSO Serum
Large combo contains 4oz P&R Cream + 2oz GHK/DMSO Serum

Two sizes available:
Small Combo - $55.00
Large Combo - $105.00 (qualifies for FREE USA shipping + 2 bonuses!)

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SUGGESTED USAGE: For best results, use as directed below.

This combo was designed to be used as an every other day skin treatment.

Day 1: As the first thing on freshly cleansed skin, apply a light amount of Protect & Restore Classic Cream (which contains an effective concentration of copper peptides blended with natural antioxidants and moisturizers). Application should be so light that it just barely covers the area. Gently massage this hydrating cream into the skin for 5-10 seconds.

Day 2: As the first thing on freshly cleansed skin, lightly apply the GHK+DMSO Smoothing & Soothing Skin Serum. A nickle-sized amount should be adequate for general face and neck areas. Application should be so light that it just barely covers the area without leaving the skin excessively wet or heavy with product.

Experience unsurpassed skin benefits with Dr. Pickart's truly revolutionary formulas loaded with active peptides and natural antioxidants.

Protect & Restore Classic Cream is a classic anti-aging peptide cream featuring an effective concentration of copper peptides to promote firmer, younger-looking skin by visibly diminishing wrinkles and discoloration.*

Alternate use with Dr. Pickart's specialized mix of GHK-Cu + DMSO. This serum is an unprecedented blend of specialized GHK-Cu (proven anti-aging powerhouse) with a significant amount of DMSO (an effectively safe emulsifier and potent antioxidant).

You have to see the results for yourself - Both of the peptides in this set are must-have products!

"I have been using Protect & Restore and during the day for a year and a half. At night, I use Tri-Reduction Cream. Thank you for putting out such great creams. I can not tell you how many people have told me they think I am in my 40's. I do not tell them I am actually 57. Keep up the good work. You have a loyal following." -B.P.

"I've used Skin Biology products for the last three years, and my facial skin looks younger than when I started with them. I'm reclaiming the quality of the skin on my arms (which suffered extensive sun damage) with Skin Signals. But the new Skin Soothing and Smoothing Serum is in a class by itself!" - J.P.

"Just wanted to let u know I LOVE the new GHK-Cu Smoothing and Soothing Serum. From the first night i used it, I awoke to smoother softer clearer bright skin...nothing (not even your other great products I have tried) has shown such beautiful results so quickly and each consecutive night that I use it my facial skin improves. Its amazing! Just came back to try and order another trial sample and so relieved you are now offering the full size for sale. Thank you! " - K.H.

"Hi, I must say this is the first product I have tried and used from Skin Biology. I have only used this I have NOT tried my copper peptide kit that I ordered yet.... I LOVE this serum. This serum gives results quickly!! I use a drop of it on a damp face. I am 46 years old and this serum has made my skin look like glass. I like that it has No fragrance and absorbs quickly without any greasy or filmy feel. I have ice pick marks on my chin and it has helped tighten their appearance and the appearance of fine lines. It has also firmed my skin. I have not had any adverse reactions. My results keep getting better with every use!! I only use in the morning then I follow up with all my other anti aging routine. I think this serum is a winner." - F.W.

* Disclaimer: Testimonials found on this site are examples of what some of our clients have said about us. We cannot guarantee the results in any case. Your results may vary as every situation is different.

Moderate the strength (if product is too strong for your skin type) by basing the skin first with a light biological oil. Apply a bit of Emu Oil, Squalane Oil, Retinol in Squalane, or CELES Beauty Oil to the skin first. Then lightly apply a small amount of the product of your choice. The fats in the oil will slow down the penetration rate of the copper peptide lotion, moderating the strength of the copper peptide, making it feel gentler on sensitive skin.

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