Super GHK Copper Cream (Bonus)
Super GHK Copper Cream (Bonus)

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Sample Size: 0.25 oz (8ml)

Strength Rating is 1 to 28 where 28 has the most copper peptides and 1 has the least copper peptides compared with each other.

80 mgs of GHK-Cu in 8ml
Compare with inferior products for $65 for 50 mgs | $130 for 200 mgs
All GHK solutions at 0.3% and higher are very blue. Pale blue solutions are FAKE.

Product Code: 61C-B






Dr. Pickart harnesses his GHK-Copper complex for a sumptuous and intensive formula to boost your skin's natural ability to reflect radiance and resilience with this skin luminous cream and serum.

1. After cleansing the skin, apply a light amount of Super GHK-Copper Cream. For best results, apply lightly and gently massage into the skin for 5-10 seconds. Perfect for use around the eye area or general facial use.

Note when using this product around the eye area: Use fingertips to carefully apply a thin layer (or 1-2 drops) underneath the eyes or on the outside areas of the eye.

2. Apply a light amount of Two Timing Tightener (DMAE Serum) on top for enhanced results.


The beauty of Super GHK-Copper is that it is both soothing and intense. The GHK products were inspired by groundbreaking research and are designed especially for those starting out with copper-peptides, or who have sensitive skin, or for sensitive skin areas (i.e. around the eye area and neck).

GHK Copper Serum feels sensuous, light and elegant. During the day, it can be used under sunscreen or makeup.

GHK Copper Cream has the added benefits of a rich mix of antioxidants. The shade of the cream may appear different than some of our other formulas. We do not add any unnatural dyes to disguise the natural color of beneficial ingredients such as lutein and lycopene.

Although milder than our other products, Super GHK-Copper is the perfect place to start!

Apply a light amount of Two Timing Tightener (DMAE Serum) or Emu Oil Lipid Replenisher on top for enhanced results.

NOTE: GHK-Copper is not to be used with hydroxy acids at the same time - If you use hydroxy acids, use it at the opposite end of the day.


Not to be used with hydroxy acids at the same time. If you use hydroxy acids, use it at the opposite end of the day as Super GHK-Copper.

Some have found it very effective to use both versions by applying Super GHK-Copper Serum in the morning and apply Super GHK-Copper Cream at night.

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