Skin Firming Trial Kit Lactic Power 10 Hydroxy Acid Exfoliator
Picture of Tightening Trial Kit Lactic Power 10: 4 oz pictured
Tightening Trial Kit: Promote fresher-looking, radiantly lifted skin and fight the appearance of skin slackening with copper peptides and DMAE firming complexes to rejuvenate aging skin quickly.
Fade wrinkles and exfoliate skin for true anti-aging skin care with Lactic Power 10 - Designed by biochemist Dr. Pickart of Skin Biology this 10% Lactic Acid Cream quickly blurs age spots, deep wrinkles, and sun damage for age-defying anti-wrinkle skin care.
Super Cop 2X - Extra Strength Emu Oil S for Skin
Emu Oil S for the Skin
Copper Peptide Reviews: Strongest copper peptide cream for areas of scars, age spots, stretchmarks, and hypo/hyperpigmentation or melasma. Copper peptide topicals leave your skin brighter, and blemished-reduced. Developed exclusively by Dr. Loren Pickart of Skin Biology. Emu Oil S for the skin is a perfect natural oil  to protect the most dry or most fragile
skin. This ancient native Australian remedy, 100% pure emu oil, is
enhanced with natural protective antioxidants to restore your skin into being soft, supple and radiant.
Super CP Serum Two Timing Tightener
Super CP Serum. Pictured is the 1 oz size and the 4 oz size. Two Timing Tigthener
Copper Peptide Reviews: Super CP Serum helps restore a youthful and smooth complexion by diminishing visible signs of aging, reducing the appearance of surface wrinkles, and blemishes, while clarifying an oily skin appearance. Can be used with microneedling, skin roller devices.
Firm skin quickly with age-defying DMAE serum blended with Pepha-Tight
for fading wrinkles and a more sculpted appearance around the eye area.
Designed exclusively by Dr. Loren Pickart of Skin Biology.