Emu Oil S for Skin Skin Firming Trial Kit
Emu Oil S for the Skin Picture of Tightening Trial Kit
Emu Oil S for the skin is a perfect natural oil  to protect the most dry or most fragile
skin. This ancient native Australian remedy, 100% pure emu oil, is
enhanced with natural protective antioxidants to restore your skin into being soft, supple and radiant.
Tightening Trial Kit: Promote fresher-looking, radiantly lifted skin and fight the appearance of skin slackening with copper peptides and DMAE firming complexes to rejuvenate aging skin quickly.
Super CP Serum - 4 oz Two Timing Tightener
Two Timing Tigthener
Uncover vibrant skin and fade blemishes quickly with this oil-free
copper peptide serum. Innovative formula of Super CP Serum copper
peptides work well to beautify skin while giving a healthy glow and
fresh radiance. Developed by Dr. Loren Pickart.
Firm skin quickly with age-defying DMAE serum blended with Pepha-Tight
for fading wrinkles and a more sculpted appearance around the eye area.
Designed exclusively by Dr. Loren Pickart of Skin Biology.
2 Step Skin Rejuvenating System Skin Signals Cream
The specialized formulation of copper-peptide complexes contained in Protect & Restore Creams help supply necessary copper to the skin for advanced anti-aging, anti-wrinkle support. Developed by biochemist Dr. Loren Pickart. FREE Skincare Consultation Firm and lift skin appearance with the original best selling copper peptide: Skin Signals with GHK-Cu and hydrolyzed elastin and collagen peptides fades wrinkles and firms jowl skin. Developed by Dr. Loren Pickart of Skin Biology.