Skin Smoothing and Soothing Serum (BONUS)
GHK+Antioxidants with Aloe Vera

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*NOTE: Strength Rating has not been assessed for this product since it uses a different system

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BENEFITS: Soothe and rejuvenate your skin with this specialized mix of GHK-Cu + Antioxidants! This product is an unprecedented blend of specialized GHK-Cu (proven anti-aging powerhouse) with a significant amount of skin-healthy antioxidants.

SUGGESTED USAGE: For best results, use as directed.
Once a day, lightly apply Smoothing & Soothing Skin Serum on any area of concern. About 4-5 drops should be adequate for daily facial use.

No need to add 7% GHK-Cu Accelerant drops to this product.
Please email us with feedback, comments, and reports on how you've been using this new product.

GHK-Cu Skin Smoothing & Soothing Serum is a proprietary blend of GHK plus antioxidants that can be added to any skin care regimen to heighten results. This product works very well for general facial use, neck skin, and body areas.

"I've used Skin Biology products for the last three years, and my facial skin looks younger than when I started with them. I'm reclaiming the quality of the skin on my arms (which suffered extensive sun damage) with Skin Signals. But the new Skin Soothing and Smoothing Serum is in a class by itself.

On April 23, I saw my dermatologist for my annual skin check. As a strawberry blond who spent 10 years sailing around the world, I'm careful to watch my skin. Everything was pronounced OK. On April 24, I noticed a large triangular patch on my shoulder that appeared raised with a cross-hatch pattern on the skin. Assuming the doctor had seen it and said nothing, I started using Skin Soothing and Smoothing Serum on it each night. In two weeks the top layer of skin sloughed off and the underlying skin was thinner and textured more like my normal skin. I decided to use the serum twice a day. Three weeks later, the skin on my shoulder is almost back to normal! Sun-induced changes reversed by Dr. Pickart's latest breakthrough product! Thank you!" - J.P.*

"Just wanted to let u know I LOVE the new GHK-Cu Smoothing and Soothing Serum. From the first night i used it, I awoke to smoother softer clearer bright skin...nothing (not even your other great products I have tried) has shown such beautiful results so quickly and each consecutive night that I use it my facial skin improves. Its amazing! Just came back to try and order another trial sample and so relieved you are now offering the full size for sale. Thank you! " - K.H.*

"Hi, I must say this is the first product I have tried and used from Skin Biology. I have only used this I have NOT tried my copper peptide kit that I ordered yet.... I LOVE this serum. This serum gives results quickly!! I use a drop of it on a damp face. I am 46 years old and this serum has made my skin look like glass. I like that it has No fragrance and absorbs quickly without any greasy or filmy feel. I have ice pick marks on my chin and it has helped tighten their appearance and the appearance of fine lines. It has also firmed my skin. I have not had any adverse reactions.

My results keep getting better with every use!! I only use in the morning then I follow up with all my other anti aging routine. I think this serum is a winner." - F.W. *


Submitted Client Testimonial

"I wanted to share with you a before and after pic at the 2 week mark of taking GHK sublingual (and also using the GHK Skin Smoothing and Soothing Serum on my eyelids only). You can see a huge SHIFT!! Also I will connect with you soon. I have some more data from my experience. But wow! I can see real changes! All my best," -.L. *


Submitted Client Testimonial

"April 5th, 2019:
Here's an update about the skin on my neck. I used the Squalane Oil for two days and my skin was improving, but it became very dry and itchy. So I did more research on the Skin Biology site and saw that the Super GHK Cream works well on irritated skin. Yesterday morning, after cleansing with Dr. Pickart's soap bar, I smoothed some of the cream on my neck and applied some Squalane Oil over it for better absorption. Not only did the combination help the dryness, but the irritation and itchiness reduced dramatically. Now I'm using the application of the cream and oil day and night. The irritation is not completely gone, but it's improving very nicely. I'm so excited! Using these products means that I will no longer need to use other creams which may weaken the skin. I'm taking pictures of the progress and will send them to you once my neck has been restored.

April 8th:
Here's an update regarding my skin. The irritation on my neck has gotten MUCH better in the front, but the rash is still on both sides of my neck. Because of this, I still wash my neck as normal but starting tonight, I'm dabbing hydrogen peroxide on the area and smooth it with Gold Bond Medicated Baby Powder. However, in the morning, I'll return to using the Super GHK Cream with Squalane over it. Regarding the LacSal Serum usage...when applying the serum to my skin, the raised skin is gone and the small bumps are reduced. There's no itching whatsoever. All these problems stem from having used that
[corticosteroid] cream for years which thinned my face and neck skin. I just hope I'm not too late to repair the damage I've done.

April 14th:
The rash on my neck looks so much better thanks to the "Skin Soothing Serum". Yay! I still have some texture irregularities, but over all it looks much better. I'm so thankful to give this item a try. I have been using the Soothing and Smoothing Serum for almost a week and that rapidly helped my neck skin. The bumps and tenderness are no longer there, only dark dry patches are left behind. That serum is wonderful by the way.

April 22nd:
I have some great news. The rash on my neck has dramatically improved using Dr. Pickart's products. Yay! I'll send you the pictures of the entire process later on today. The products I used were as follows:

Disinfected area with 3% hydrogen peroxide at night for three days. Followed using the Soothing and Smoothing Serum or GHK-Cu Cream (twice a day then once a day alternating the products).

For moisturizing: Squalane Oil and Emu Oil (as needed)

For mild exfoliation: Exfol Cream, nightly (this cream didn't irritate my neck in the least. Love it!)

Thank you Dr. Pickart for saving my skin and making wonderful products. I definitely will be ordering more in the future. Forever grateful and follower for life, -T.F." *

* Disclaimer: Testimonials found on this site are examples of what some of our clients have said about us. We cannot guarantee the results in any case. Your results may vary as every situation is different.


Test on a small area first (especially for those with sensitive skin).

How to Use
An extremely light amount is all that is required. About 4-5 drops should be adequate for daily facial use. This serum can be applied very lightly around the eye area. Dilute with purified water first, if you have sensitive skin. Always test on a small area before using over larger areas of the skin. This product has worked very well for general facial use, neck skin, and even body areas.

Frequency of Use
This new serum can be applied very lightly once a day OR (depending on your skin type, goals, and other chosen products) it can simply be applied 2-3 times a week. Skin Smoothing Serum can be used very lightly after skin needling. However, we do not recommend adding any drops of GHK-Cu Accelerant to this product in an attempt to make it any stronger. Avoid use of hydroxy acids at the same time as GHK products (use at opposite end of the day).

NOTE: A "strength rating" has not been assessed for this product since it uses a different system. Always test new products on a small area of your skin first.

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