LacSal Serum (Bonus)
LacSal Serum (Bonus)

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Sample Size: 1 oz (30ml)

Product Code: 19S-B

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Since the skin is in layers and damage can exist in layers, it is important to use a good method of exfoliation along with copper peptides for improved results.

1. AM:
After cleansing the skin, apply a light amount of your favorite copper-peptide product. The application should be so light that it just barely covers the area without leaving it excessively wet or damp.

2. PM: After cleansing the skin, follow up with a light application of LacSal Serum (a 10% hydroxy acid exfoliant).


This soft, milky-white, easily absorbed cream is a mild exfoliation system (8.5% lactic acid and 1.5% salicylic acid) at pH 3.6. [At pH 3.6, the actual concentration of exfoliating salicylic acid = 0.29% and the inert salicylate = 1.21%] For soothing skin during exfoliation, LacSal Serum also contains natural lipids and anti-oxidants that normally exist in the skin, mixed (alpha, beta, gamma, delta) tocopherols, mixed (alpha, beta, gamma, delta) tocotrienols, CoQ10, and lutein.

LacSal Cream is designed to encourage skin health by adding skin lipids and natural antioxidants to the exfoliated area. LacSal is a mild "leave-on" product. Do not wash off. If other products such as copper-peptides or moisturizers are used, wait at least 20-30 minutes before applying them on top of LacSal.


Leave on. Do not wash off. Use cautiously around the eye area. Avoid upper eyelid.

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