Pheromone Romantic Attractors
Pheromone Romantic Attractors: 0.5 oz 4Sensuous Scents, 0.5 oz Romantic Perfume for Men, 0.5 oz Romantic Perfume for Women, 0.5 oz Body Perfume with Ylang Ylang and Nutmeg, and 0.5 oz Body Perfume with Jasmine

The Science of LOVE Gift Pack:
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Biochemist Dr. Loren Pickart's handcrafted Perfumes and Colognes are an indulgent mix of pheromone, pure squalane oil, and the purest quality essential oil.

The Science of Scent for Social Energy

Scent has powerful effects on the emotions that bond people together. Your combo includes a variety of scents for either relaxation, massage oils, or to enhance romance.

BENEFITS: Best-selling 4Sensuous Scents is a universal attractant to promote sociability. Romantic Oils for Men or Women are designed to induce better feelings in the opposite sex. Sandalwood Body Perfume is a woodsy, balsamic aroma appreciated by both men and women. Ylang Ylang & Nutmeg Body Perfume is a blend of cananga odorata flower with pure nutmeg extract.

Size: .5 oz (15ml)

Pack of 5 Products Include:
- 4Sensuous Scents Omni Oil
- Romantic Perfume Oil for Women

- Romantic Perfume Oil/Cologne for Men
- Body Perfume: Sandalwood
- Body Perfume: YlangYlang/Nutmeg

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SUGGESTED USAGE: For best results, use as directed below

Option A: Select your favorite Body Perfume + Pheromone after bathing. Apply to the lower body, chest, or trunk.

Option B: Or use as a layering fragrance in combination with your favorite perfume. First, apply a light amount of Body Perfume to your skin to add dimension to the scent of any cosmetic fragrance applied afterward.

Biochemist Dr. Loren Pickart's handcrafted Body Perfumes are an indulgently sensual mix of squalane, pheromone, and the pure essential oil of your choice. Lightly roll on the skin and massage.

Skin Biology Body Perfumes are based on Dr. Pickart's research into essential oils and the science of pheromone fragrance. Each version is based in hydrating Squalane Oil.

Your 15ml roll-on applicator can be used to apply a light amount to the body (i.e. chest or stomach) to allow the scent to rise. The biological oil of the Body Perfume can be massaged into the skin, giving a soft moisturizing effect.

As the scent rises up and around the face, these body perfumes help attract attention more than color cosmetics and chemical fragrances without drying or damaging effects on the skin.

"My clear favorite scent for several years is the SB 74 Pheromone Only. It is what I call my secret weapon! I am 61 years old, a wife, mother of six, grandmother of seven, and high school biology teacher. I love the smell of this pheromone myself -- it makes me happy when I put it on each morning but even more important I think it promotes positive interactions with others. Sometimes I wonder if it is just a psychological phenomenon but being a science teacher (and loving the science behind all the Skin Biology products) I know that there is more to the story. I love the simplicity of the skin care products I use each day and the loveliness of the scents, SB 74, in particular. They help me to be able to forget myself, increase my self confidence, and just be a warmer, nicer person --- well, most days anyway, I certainly have my moments!" - M.W.

"I strongly recommend the Ylang Ylang and Nutmeg. It smells a little exotic or "oriental" when it first goes on, but is very light and becomes barely noticeable within moments. I can confirm its effect on male cats--even neutered, and definitely on men...I actually get more attention than I'm comfortable with, if I wear it around groups of men. BTW the guy doesn't have to be awake, either: I had it on the other night when I went to bed and my BF snuggled me all night in his sleep...normally he's just out. Now I know what to do for a little extra attention from his subconscious mind." L.A.

"I do consistently wear 3 scents depending on who I'm going to be around. SB74 [Pheromone Only]: I wear to work. My supervisors (ALL of them) are now much friendlier, helpful, and more eager to reward me for my work. Thumbs UP! One of your perfumes gets me more hugs and kisses from my hubby. And the other, gets me more hugs and kisses from my 6-year-old grandson." -E.J.

* Disclaimer: Testimonials found on this site are examples of what some of our clients have said about us. We cannot guarantee the results in any case. Your results may vary as every situation is different.

TIP! For best results, apply to the chest or stomach which will allow the perfume to mix with your own scent as body heat rises.

TIP! Add dimension to the scent of your favorite fragrance by layering Skin Biology Pheromones . First, apply a light amount of Body Perfume and apply your favorite cologne or perfume afterward.

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