Protect & Restore with High Retinol and Oil of Lavender (Bonus)
Protect & Restore with High Retinol and Oil of Lavender (Bonus)

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Sample Size: .5 oz jar (15ml)

Strength Rating is 1 to 28 where 28 has the most copper peptides and 1 has the least copper peptides compared with each other.
strength rating 4

Product Code: 3-B




SUGGESTED USAGE: For best results, use as directed below.

AM: After cleansing the skin, apply a light amount of P&R Cream with High Retinol (which contains an effective concentration of copper-peptides plus anti-aging retinol that can be used daily). Application should be so light that it just barely covers the area. Be careful with using around the eye area, or if you have sensitive skin. Gently massage for 5-10 seconds.

PM: After cleansing the skin, apply a light amount of LacSal Cream (a 10% hydroxy acid). Or use Exfol Cream (2% hydroxy acid).

Purchase directly from biochemist Dr. Loren Pickart (inventor / discoverer of copper-peptides proven to dramatically reduce the visible signs of skin damage).

Protect & Restore Cream with High Retinol provides nutrients that
mimic the biology of young skin, reduce visible signs of skin damage and reverse the appearance of aging skin, visibly diminishing wrinkles, discoloration and skin sagging.*

Traces of salicylic acid improve copper peptide penetration of this product, ensuring optimal activity.

What is Retinol? Retinyl palmitate (or Retinol) is a form of vitamin A that has many beneficial effects on aging skin. It is very different than the prescription retinoic acid. Retinol gently works to moisturize, adding vibrancy and glow to dull, tired skin.

This product is further enhanced with pure squalane oil and soothing aloe veran. Finally, a powerful blend of natural antioxidants (including mixed tocopherols, carotenoids lutein, and coenzyme Q10) are added to maintain beautiful healthy-looking skin in spite of deleterious environmental influences.

TIP! For maximum benefit, use an exfoliating product in the evening, and apply Protect and Restore in the morning or during the day.

When you buy this product, your skin will experience the beneficial effects of Dr. Pickart's advanced copper peptides combined with retinyl palmitate (the form of vitamin A that is known to improve aging skin appearance). While not as strong as the prescription retinoic acid, retinyl palmitate is safer and works gently to visibly thicken skin.

"I have been using the Protect & Restore as a night rejuvenation cream about three or four times a week. I apply the cream before going to bed. The results are great...The copper creams are the best skin products I have ever used." -T.H.

"This is the latest product I have tried from Skin Biology. I use it in the morning after cleansing my face. I needed a bit of moisturizing power during the day and also wanted to add a bit of glow to my skin. I don't like wearing thick heavy foundation on my skin, but as I have aged and my skin has dulled it has become necessary at times. I have been using P&R with high retinol for about 3 months now and my skin couldn't look better. I was able to switch back to my beloved light coverage liquid foundation. My skin is so much happier! My friends keep asking what I am using on my face as they too want to have glowing skin!"- A.M.

"Just wanted to let you know how much I like your product. I didn't think my skin could look much smoother, since it was already in good condition. But, in less than a week, it did smooth out a rough trouble spot I've had for ages. And my skin looks really nice." -L.C.

* Disclaimer: This statement is not a guarantee of results. Results may vary. Testimonials found on this site are only examples of what some of our clients have reported. We cannot guarantee similar results as every situation is different.

Finish your application of Protect & Restore High Retinol with a moisturizer such as Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher or Two Timing Tightener (DMAE skin-firming serum).

For around the eye area, use CP Ultimate Eye Cream or GHK LUXE Eye Cream.

TIP! Some clients work up to twice a day applications and apply LacSal Cream or Exfol Cream in the morning (then wait 20-30 minutes) and apply Protect & Restore High Retinol Cream on top. REPEAT in the evening.

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