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VIP Skin Line: Two Timing Tightener 2X 1.7oz, 3% GHK VIP Luxury Serum 1.7 oz, CELES Oil 1 oz, .25 Super Cop 2X, and Dr. Pickart's Lip Replenisher

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Featuring the most potent GHK-Cu peptide serum developed by the original inventor: biochemist Dr. Loren Pickart.

1. Lightly apply 3% GHK VIP Luxury Serum (effective peptide serum with the highest percentage of the original skin-beautifying copper peptide: GHK-Cu).

2. Follow with CELES Beauty Oil to seal in the copper peptides and moisturize the dermis.

3. Enhance with Two Timing Tightener 2X (potent DMAE skin-firming serum).

4. Spot treat with our powerful Super Cop 2X - Extra Strength on troublesome blemishes, deep wrinkles/nasolabial lines, crepey skin areas, or sun damage.

5. Apply our best-selling Lip Replenisher to lock in moisture on your lips. This handmade product contains pure beeswax, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil.

Two Sizes Available:
SMALL Combo ($92.00) - 0.5 TTT2X, 0.5oz of GHK VIP Serum, 0.5oz CELES Oil, .25oz Super Cop 2X, and Dr. Pickart's Lip Replenisher.

LARGE Combo ($192.00) - 1.7oz TTT2X, 1.7oz GHK VIP Serum, 1oz CELES Oil, .25oz Super Cop 2X, and Dr. Pickart's Lip Replenisher.

Note: Super Cop 2X - Extra Strength is provided in the .25oz spot treatment size (Pictures show full-size products).

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GHK Comparison Levels for 3% GHK VIP Serum:
30 mgs of GHK-Cu in 60ml and 120 mgs GHK-Cu in 240ml
Compare with inferior products for $65 for 50 mgs | $130 for 200 mgs
All GHK solutions at 0.3% and higher are very blue.

Relative Scale (1 to 28): 1 = lower copper / 28 = highest copper

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SUGGESTED USAGE: Revive your skin with our multi-faceted set of outstanding peptides by Dr. Loren Pickart (inventor of GHK-Cu). Helps promote fresher-looking, beautiful skin with 3% GHK VIP Luxury Serum, Two Timing Tightener 2X, CELES Skin Beauty Oil (a biological moisturizer fortified with Vitamin D), and our All Natural Lip Replenisher for a beautifully enhanced appearance for your entire face.*

AM: After cleansing skin, apply a light amount of 3% GHK VIP Luxury Serum (an oil-free, effective copper peptide with the highest percentage of the original skin-beautifying molecule: GHK-Cu). Application should be so light that it just barely covers the face without leaving it excessively wet or damp. If you have sensitive skin: Take 1-2 drops in the palm of your hand, add 2-3 drops of water and then apply to the area. This product is so effective that it can also be used just 3-4 times a week.

AM: Next apply a light amount of Two Timing Tightener - 2X Extra Strength (potent DMAE skin firming serum that blends the powerful twosome of DMAE and Pepha-Tight).

PM: Spot treatment - Use a light amount of Super Cop 2X- Extra Strength on specific areas of concern such as: expression lines, deep wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, marks or blemishes in the evening. Use very lightly. Not for use around the eye area. Test on a small area first.

For Moisturization: Lightly apply CELES Skin Beauty Oil on dry areas. CELES oil is a blend of Cholesterol Esters, Lanosterol Esters, and pure Squalane. This product works to balance your skin's natural moisture levels to produce softer, smoother skin. Now fortified with Vitamin D!

For Lip Area: Nourish dry lips with Dr. Pickart's Lip Replenisher ---handmade / petroleum-free!

Learn about each individual product in this combo set below....

The products contained in this combo set are the result of decades of groundbreaking research by Dr. Pickart. GHK-Copper is unsurpassed in its ability to restore youthful glow, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smooth and refine skin texture, and improve the look of sagging/crepey skin.

3% GHK VIP Luxury Serum contains skin-identical antioxidants that shield skin's appearance from elements, maintaining its healthy and radiant look. It also contains natural moisturizers such as aloe and amino-acids and nurturing lipids that restore smoothness, radiance and elasticity for a fresh and youthful complexion.

Two Timing Tightener is a powerful synergistic duo DMAE and Pepha-tight - tightens and lifts the appearance of skin. DMAE helps visibly reduce skin sagging, creating a well-defined, lifted appearance.

Dr. Pickart's Lip Replenisher has changed the game for many looking to moisturize dry lips. Many cosmetic lip products contain ingredients that just end up drying out the delicate lip skin even more. Other balms are too heavy and are only suited for extreme conditions. Skin Biology's lip balm is a handmade, petroleum-free natural balm made with beeswax, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil. Designed for both men and women for all day wear. We choose only the finest natural ingredients.

CELES Skin Beauty Oil is the only biological moisturizer of its kind that blends esters of cholesterol and lanosterol with squalane and topical vitamin D.

*Disclaimer: Testimonials found on this site are examples of what some of our clients have said about us. We cannot guarantee the results in any case. Your results may vary as every situation is different.

The following suggestions may make all the difference to improve your results when using this combo.

- TIP! CELES Beauty Oil: This product also works as a great penetrating agent to control or moderate the strength of strong products. Apply a light amount of CELES Oil before applying copper-peptides to make the cream/serum milder. Basing the skin first with a light amount of CELES Oil will serve to slow down the penetration rate of the copper-peptide cream, thus making it milder.

- TIP! Two Timing Tightener 2X works best when used along with copper-peptides. Apply as your last step to finish your skin care regimen during the day or at night.

- TIP! Super Cop 2X may cause some irritation if over-applied. Test on a small area first. If you are new to strong copper peptides, this product works best as a spot treatment.

- TIP! Dr. Pickart's Lip Replenisher can be applied immediately after using a small amount of Super Cop 2X on the lips. This trick works well to smooth lines/creases and give the look of plumping on the lips.

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