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Dr. Pickart's Lip Replenisher
Dr. Pickart's Lip Replenisher

Natural, handmade lip balm with beeswax and coconut oil. Dr. Pickart's Lip Replenisher protects dry, cracked lips by providing immediate, all-day moisturization. NEW Pheromone Lip Balm also available! Pheromone-infused version is lightly tinted for a mild tinge of color.
Squalane Oil pictured 1 oz

Squalane is derived from top-quality virgin olive oil to replenish your skin for a perfectly smooth, youthful appearance. Easily absorbed for long-lasting moisturization. Experience a smoother, softer, younger complexion with copper peptides by Dr Pickart.
Retinol in Squalane
Retinol in Squalane

Dr. Pickart's Retinol in Squalane is the best-selling retinol moisturizer for anti-aging. Use along with effective copper peptides products such as Skin Signals Solution or GHK VIP Luxury Cream for a more youthfully firm skin texture and tone.
CELES Oil: 4 oz pictured
CELES Skin Beauty Oil

CELES Oil is our most potent natural moisturizer that will soothe your skin in dewy rejuvenation. Composed of Squalane, Cholesterol Esters, & Lanosterol Esters, only CELES Oil can combat the driest of skin. Now infused with Vitamin D!
Emu Oil S for the Skin
Emu Oil S for Skin

Emu Oil S for the skin is a perfect natural oil to protect the most dry or most fragile skin. This ancient native Australian remedy, 100% pure emu oil, is enhanced with natural protective antioxidants to restore your skin into being soft, supple and radiant.