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Derma Roller Skin Needling Device Derma Roller Skin Needling Kit GHK+Antioxidants with Aloe Vera
Microneedle roller for wrinkle-fading, stretch marks, advanced blemish care, hyperpigmentation, skin firming, etc.
Microneedling Device (Select Size)
Protect & Restore Body Lotion

Copper Peptide Strength Scale:
Dual action GHK-Cu Serum
with skin-healthy antioxidants
Perfect Lift Time Remedy Cream BioHeal Copper Peptide Cream Calypso's Replenishing Youth Factor Oils: 4 oz pictured
Neck, jowls, and decolletage cream
with retinol, copper peptides, and
pomegranate seed oil for improving
delicate neck/chest skin.
Copper Peptide Strength Scale: 3
Exceptionally safe and natural ingredients blended with copper peptides to soothe extreme dry skin or sensitivity issues.
Copper Peptide Strength Scale: 5

Moisturizing body oils that blend
current pheromone science with
ancient fragrant oils
Folligen Shampoo and Conditioner Combo Protect and Restore Body Lotion Sun Damaged Skin: Firming Body Lotion
Shampoo/Conditioner Combo:
Cleanse hair without damage
and re-harden hair proteins -
Improve the appearance of body skin (stretch marks and body blemishes) using skin nourishing copper peptides
(Scented or Unscented)
Copper Peptide Strength Scale: 3

Copper Sun Firming Lotion + Protect & Restore Body Lotion Combo - DISCOUNTED PRICE!
Copper Peptide Strength Scale: 3
Sun Damaged Skin Treatment: Firming Body Lotion Tin Peptide half an ounce TriReduction Cream with Retinol
Moisturizing body lotion containing anti-oxidants, pure mineral titanium dioxide, vitamin E, natural tocotrienols, and enhanced copper-peptides.
Copper Peptide Strength Scale: 3
Quick relief of dry, cracked nails and cuticles. Use after manicure or pedicure. Designed by biochemist Dr. Loren Pickart as a nail strengthening peptide cream.
Precursor to Super Cop Creams, TriReduction with High Retinol is for anti-aging wrinkle care, sun damage and general blemishes.
Copper Peptide Strength Scale: 11

Skin Exfoliation: LacSal Cream Cracked Heel Cream: LOVE Foot Peptide Cream GHK LUXE Firming Eye Cream

Double action exfoliation cream
(8.5% lactic acid + 1.5% salicylic acid)
Hydroxy Acid Strength: 10%

Smooth dry, cracked feet and heels with advanced copper peptides proven to restore the suppleness.
Copper Peptide Strength Scale: 4
GHK LUXE Eye Cream is a mix of a high concentration of GHK-Cu (2%) and client favorite: DMAE + PephaTight (a powerful quick-acting firming solution) designed to smooth and contour like never before.
Copper Peptide Strength Scale: 10
TINPEP Hand Cream: 4 oz pictured. 3% GHK VIP Luxury Cream Tighten Skin: Skin Signals Solution
Soothe dry, cracked hands. Long-lasting, non-greasy, fast-absorbing cream with Dr. Pickart's tin-peptides to create soft, younger-looking hands.
Strongest concentration of GHK-Cu
in a single cream formulation!
Proven effective management of
multiple signs of aging.
Copper Peptide Strength Scale:

Skin Signals Solution is the ONLY solution combining copper peptides of GHK, elastin and collagen to help deliver a lifted, contoured and more youthful look.
Copper Peptide Strength Scale: 7
Skin Exfoliation: Lactic Power 10 Skin Biology Microdermabrasion Cloth Dr. Pickart's Lip Replenisher (Lip Balm)
Pure lactic acid exfoliation cream
blended with soothing antioxidants
Hydroxy Acid Strength: 10%
Select from Exfoliating Bath Gloves
OR Dermal Grade Microdermbrasion Cloth
(Cloth for face / Gloves for body)
Natural, handmade lip balm with
beeswax and coconut oil / Available in
Original and Pheromone-Infused!
Exfoliating Micofiber Cloth: Microdermabrasion Ultimate Body Care System: 8 oz Copper Sun Tanning and Firming Lotion, 8 oz Protect & Restore Body Lotion, 4 oz Love Love Love Foot and Heel Cream, Dr. Pickart's Lip Replenisher, and .25 oz Super Cop 2X Complete Hands and Feet Package: 0.5 oz Tin Peptide Nail Renewal, 4 oz TINPEP Hand Cream, Dr. Pickart's Lip Replenisher, 4 oz Love Love Love Foot and Heel Cream, and Skin Biology's Microdermabrasion Cloth.
Microdermabrasion Cloth plus 10% Hydroxy Acid Cream Combo.
Hydroxy Acid Strength: 10%
P&R Body Lotion (Unscented)
Copper Sun Firming Lotion
LOVE Foot & Heel Cream
Dr. Pickart's Lip Replenisher
Super Cop 2X sample

Copper Peptide Strength Scale:
3 - 4
TINPEP Hand Cream
LOVE Foot Cream
Tin Nail Renewal Cream
Microdermabrasion Cloth
Dr. Pickart's Lip Replenisher

Copper Peptide Strength Scale:
Crepey Skin Cream GHK-Cu Cream for Body
GHK-Cu Crepey Skin Escape is the only product designed to diminish the look of crepey skin using the following exclusive blend: 3% GHK + DMAE + MSM!
Copper Peptide Strength Scale:
3+3 GHK-Cu Body Soothing Cream: High level of GHK-Cu for intensive soothing. Improves the look, texture, and tone of body skin.
Copper Peptide Strength Scale: