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GHK+Antioxidants with Aloe Vera Clogged Pores - Pore Minimizer: Balance Zone Oil Reduction Serum Skin Firming Serum - Best Skin Tightening Products: Two Timing Tightener with 3% DMAE and Pepha Tight Algae Polysaccharides for Firming Loose Neck Skin and Puffiness Around Eyes - Dr. Pickart Skin Care Products: Skin Biology 1-800-405-1912
Dual action GHK-Cu Serum
with skin-healthy antioxidants
The only oil control serum formulated by biochemist Dr. Loren Pickart - A mixture of peptides, salicylic acid, cinnamon bark extract, and antioxidants. NON-COPPER SERUM:
Age-defying 3% DMAE serum blended with Pepha-Tight for helping the look of loose skin for a more sculpted appearance.
CP Serum both sizes are in the picture. (1 oz and 4 oz) Super CP Serum Peptide Super GHK Copper Cream or Serum
CP Serum
Original 2nd Generation Copper Peptide Serum for general anti-aging, sensitive skin types, and clarifying skin appearance.
Copper Peptide Strength Scale: 3
Strong copper peptide serum for reducing the appearance of blemishes and marks while smoothing your complexion by diminishing visible signs of sun damage, aging, and breakouts.
Copper Peptide Strength Scale: 8
First-generation copper peptide
at potent level for anti-aging care
can be used on ALL skin types
A client favorite for a reason!
Copper Peptide Strength Scale:
Skin Firming Serum Tighten Skin: Skin Signals Solution 3% GHK VIP Luxury Serum Cosmetics with Copper Peptides
Age-defying 6% DMAE serum blended with Pepha-Tight for helping the look of loose skin for a more sculpted appearance - Twice the DMAE as the Regular Version!
Skin Signals Solution is the ONLY solution combining copper peptides of GHK, elastin and collagen to help deliver a lifted, contoured and more youthful look.
Copper Peptide Strength Scale: 7
Strongest concentration of GHK-Cu
in a single serum formulation!
Proven effective management of
multiple signs of aging.

Copper Peptide Strength Scale:
7% GHK-Cu Copper Peptide Lactic Power 10 Serum + GHK VIP Serum Super Combo
Drops of GHK-Cu, ready to add into any of your favorite cosmetic serums or creams to make it an effective copper peptide anti-aging product.
Can be added to most products

Copper Peptide Strength Scale: 36
Lactic Power 10 Serum + GHK VIP Luxury Serum Savings Combo