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Dr. Pickart's Cleanser. Available as both a bar and a liquid. Pictured is our 4 oz Bar, and our 8 oz Liquid version. Dr. Pickart's Face and Body Cleanser

Dr. Pickart's face & body cleanser
designed with anti-aging qualities
and compatible with skin-enriching
copper peptide products

Squalane Oil pictured 1 oz Squalane

Highest quality pure squalane
from olea europaea (olive) fruit oil
for moisturizing ALL skin types

Dr. Pickart's  Liquid Cleanser + Squalane Combo Dr. Pickart's Liquid Cleanser + Squalane Combo

Dr. Pickart's Liquid Cleanser 2 oz + Squalane 1 oz

BioHeal Copper Peptide Cream BioHeal

Exceptionally safe and natural ingredients blended with copper peptides to soothe extreme dry skin or sensitivity issues.
Copper Peptide Strength Scale: 5

CP Serum both sizes are in the picture. (1 oz and 4 oz) CP Serum

Original 2nd Generation Copper Peptide Serum for general anti-aging, sensitive skin types, and clarifying skin appearance.
Copper Peptide Strength Scale: 3

CP Ultimate Eye Cream CP Ultimate Eye Cream

Developed for the sensitive around-the-eye area (dark circles, discoloration, fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness).
Copper Peptide Strength Scale: 2

Emu Oil S for the Skin Emu Oil S for Skin

Biological oil to hydrate dry skin - Supplemented with natural protective antioxidants and vitamins

Skin Firming Serum - Best Skin Tightening Products: Two Timing Tightener with 3% DMAE and Pepha Tight Algae Polysaccharides for Firming Loose Neck Skin and Puffiness Around Eyes - Dr. Pickart Skin Care Products: Skin Biology 1-800-405-1912 Two Timing Tightener

Age-defying 3% DMAE serum blended with Pepha-Tight for helping the look of loose skin for a more sculpted appearance.

Super GHK Copper Cream or Serum Super GHK Copper

First-generation copper peptide
at potent level for anti-aging care
can be used on ALL skin types
A client favorite for a reason!
Copper Peptide Strength Scale:

Sensitive Skin Kit Sensitive Skin Kit

Soothe sensitive skin with the
magnificent properties of Dr. Pickart's
gentle but effective GHK-Copper,
squalane oil, and mild cleanser

Copper Peptide Strength Scale: