In loving memory of our founder, Dr. Loren Pickart PhD, 1938-2023

We are saddened to announce that Dr. Loren Pickart PhD, founder of Skin Biology INC and the discoverer of copper peptides passed away peacefully on December 10th, 2023 at the age of 85 after suffering a stroke.

Dr. Pickart was born in Winona, Minnesota to Ralph Pickart and Grace (Mueller) Pickart.  Raised working on a dairy farm, on his eighteenth birthday he sold his only possessions - his books - and joined the Army, which he credited for changing his life.  In the Army he trained as an engineer and worked with engineers and scientists on DECCA, the system that evolved into the Global Positioning System, GPS.

Dr. Pickart's academic journey started at the University of Minnesota, where he earned degrees in Chemistry and Mathematics and worked in the Atherosclerosis Research Laboratory.  He later attended the University of California, San Francisco where he would meet his wife Charlene, become Editor-in-Chief of the student newspaper, Synapse, and obtain his PhD in biochemistry. His doctoral thesis, "A TriPeptide from Human Serum," laid the groundwork for his future research and discoveries.

Dr. Pickart's most notable contribution to science was the discovery of copper peptides and their role in skin health and remodeling.  His work on the GHK-Cu peptide, in particular, has been instrumental in understanding the regenerative and protective actions of the compound.

In addition to his research, Dr. Pickart founded two companies to sell copper peptides for skin rejuvenation.  He co-founded ProCyte, which he directed and took to NASDAQ before it merged with another company, and Skin Biology, which he founded with his wife Charlene to continue his work on GHK and develop second-generation copper peptides.  Dr. Pickart published 46 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and held 29 patents.  He received numerous awards for his work as well as an honorary degree from Charles University in Prague.

Dr. Pickart's work has had a profound impact on the skincare industry, with copper peptides now widely recognized for their ability to improve skin health and rejuvenation.  His research has also provided valuable insights into the mechanisms of human aging and disease, and his contributions to the field will continue to influence future research.

Dr. Pickart is survived by his wife Charlene of 48 years, his daughters Germaine, Francoise, Genevieve, Lavinia, Celine and Lisonne; his 10 grandchildren; Jolena, Dakota, Leo, Eric, Hannah, Holly, Zarissa, Caleb, Katrina and Jesse, and the the J-Pod orcas of San Juan Island who enjoyed eating the salmon out from under him while he fished.

Skin Biology INC will continue operations as it has for the past few years when Dr. Pickart's health prevented him from being involved in with the company's operations.  The business is currently managed by his daughter Genevieve.

Moving forward, we will continue to uphold Dr. Pickart's mission to provide high-quality, science-driven skincare products that improve our client's lives and make them happier.  Our products will continue to be produced to the highest quality standards using Dr. Pickart's formulations by our educated, science-minded staff.

Dr. Pickart's warm presence in our offices will be greatly missed by the Skin Biology family and by the colleagues and contemporaries he mentored and collaborated with over his long and productive career.