Male Skin Health: Tips & Recommendations

My husband stole my anti-wrinkle cream!" --- Imagine a mystery. Somebody has been using your favorite moisturizer. Somebody even sampled your anti-wrinkle creams and serums. But you know that no one has entered your bathroom, except you and your dear husband. Oh, no! What should you do? You thought he was a real man. But "real men" don't use moisturizers and anti-wrinkle creams! Or do they?

Meet Boris. A successful businessman of Russian heritage, Boris is a charming man in his mid-30s. He has a trim body, an attractive expressive face and a great boyish smile. Being a motivational speaker, a speech coach, and an emcee, he knows that a good look is an important asset. You may say that personal charm and an attractive appearance are his trade tools.


Unfortunately, lately he's been noticing that his skin is now very dry. His lips look very dry and his facial skin - rough and flaky. In addition, he developed noticeable wrinkles around the eyes. What is more, they often look puffy and baggy. Together with wrinkles, it gives him a prematurely aged look.

Yes, it is unfair, because appearance has nothing to do with our professional skills. Boris certainly didn't lose his ability to inspire his audience, and he is still an insightful speech coach and an entertaining emcee. However, we live in an unfair world. If Boris does nothing about his appearance, he may start losing his credibility. He may begin to lose his clients.

Good Skin Care is Good For Business

male sking care

Is your husband in a business that requires a well-groomed, trimmed and youthful appearance? If yes, he may need more than soap and shaving cream to keep his skin looking good. Even for those of us who do not speak in public, appearance it is still important.

If you are a relatively young man who has an unusual amount of wrinkles, people may wonder if you have some hidden vices. (Note: Boris doesn't drink nor does he spend his nights at the casino).

If your eyes are baggy, your prospective employer may decide that your health may be not that great. If your lips are dry and your skin is flaky, people may feel discomfort when talking to you.

Today's America worships youth and health. To appear successful and to build a rapport with people, you need to have smooth, youthful skin, free of blemishes, scars and excessive wrinkles.

Aging Male Skin

Most men age slower than women. They have fewer wrinkles and generally need very little skin care. However, there are exceptions.

Men who have natural red hair, may have thinner skin with little protective melanin pigment. In fact, their skin often has a different type of skin pigment – pheomelanin, which is not as protective as brown and black melanins. As a result, their skin may get more damage from UV-radiation and develop wrinkles faster.

Men who have to speak and move their facial muscles a lot – actors, speakers, politicians, people in public relation business etc. – may develop premature mimic wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.

During the winter, when heating is on, both men and women often develop dry skin. When skin is dry, wrinkles may become more noticeable. Dry and flaky skin can also result from deficiency in essential fatty acids.

With age, the level of the male hormone testosterone begins to drop. This results in thinner, grayer, more wrinkled skin.

Whatever the reason, there is nothing wrong with a man who uses cosmetic products. In fact, a wise use of cosmetic moisturizers and anti-wrinkle creams may give your man a good advantage in business, making his smooth, youthful and healthy skin a valuable asset.

Recommendations For Men

So, what would we recommend to our friend, Boris? First of all, he needs a good moisturizer that won't damage or age his skin. He also needs a product that will take care of his dry, cracked lips and flaky skin as fast as possible. After all, even when men use cosmetics, they rarely enjoy it, so they want to see results quickly. Fast acting champion moisturizers such as Skin Biology's Squalane or Emu Oil-S are easy to use and help improve the appearance of dry skin*. For an additional anti-aging benefit, he can use Retinol in Squalane. He can also start consuming more fish such as salmon or taking fish oil supplements.

His eye wrinkles are more than likely the result of his rich facial expressions. He has to move his facial muscles a lot when he speaks. However, they also appear more prominent because of his extreme skin dryness. We would recommend for him GHK LUXE Eye Cream with Tri-Factor Complex or CP Night Eyes – creams that are specifically formulated to greatly reduce the appearance of baggy eyes, puffiness and fine wrinkles. These creams are fragrance-free and absorb without leaving any traces. Boris won't feel too feminine when using it. He can also use Two Timing Tightener, which can reduce the look of wrinkles* due to a tightening effect of DMAE.


To make skin smoother and restore its barrier, it is important to use exfoliating hydroxy acids. We would recommend Lactic Power 10 – a perfect exfoliator with the most natural alpha hydroxy acid – Lactic acid. It can also reduce ingrown hair after shaving. So you will get a double benefit. In addition, such products as Super GHK Cream and Skin Signals Cream can provide a simple and fast option to keeping the skin of a successful and appearance-conscious male in top condition. In short, men can and should use cosmetic products. In our highly competitive world, a little dab of a carefully selected moisturizer or an anti-aging product can go a long way. If you notice that your husband is stealing your anti-aging cream, or if you think that his face would definitely benefit from a tad of moisturizer, go ahead and start building his cosmetic armamentarium. You won't regret it..

*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed.