Taking Advantage of our Black Friday Deals

Information on our Black Friday Sale

Products with Discounts:

From Nov 24 - Nov 27 Enjoy 20% OFF These Select Items: 

  • 1% Super GHK Copper Cream & Serum 
  • Emu Oil for Skin & Hair  
  • CELES Oil  
  • Calypso’s Oil 
  • Retinol in Squalane 
  • Squalane

There is no need to enter a coupon code or take any other action.  The 20% discount has already been applied.  Simply add any of the above items to your cart and check out as usual.

EXTRA 3% GHK VIP Cream or Serum Sample Size Giveaway for Qualifying Orders:

From Nov 24 - Dec 1 customers who order $200 or more worth of products are eligible to add a free extra 0.25 oz size bonus of 3% VIP Cream or Serum to their order.  This does NOT count against your normal product bonuses.  This is an extra bonus for orders over $200.  If your order qualifies, take these steps to get your free bonus:

  • Under the Products menu, click on 'Add Free Samples per $100 Ordered'.

  • Click on 'Pick Options' for the 3% VIP bonus:

  • Choose whether you want Cream or Serum in the pop-up:

  • Click 'Add to Cart' and check out normally.