Calypso's Replenishing Youth Factor Oils


Calypso's Replenishing Youth Factor Oils are the only pheromone-infused moisturizing body oil by biochemist Dr. Loren Pickart that also relieves and moisturizes dry skin. Long-lasting; apply once a day.

The Science of Scent for Social Energy

There is a science to scent! Dr. Pickart adds plant-derived pheromones and botanicals to enhance your personal pheromone signature. Add new levels of moisture for more radiant, luminous skin* when using with copper peptides.

Fragrance Options - Select Below:
Ylang Ylang/Nutmeg + Pheromone
Lavender + Pheromone
Sandalwood + Pheromone
Pheromone Only
Raspberries & Cream

Size: 4 oz

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For best results, use as directed below.

Option A: Select your favorite Calypso's Oil Pheromone after bathing. Apply to the lower body, chest, or trunk. Or use daily for body mosturization.

Option B: Or use as a layering fragrance in combination with your favorite perfume. First, apply a light amount of Calypso's Oil to your skin to add dimension to the scent of any cosmetic fragrance applied afterward.


Today, the skin oils commonly used for thousands of years have sadly been replaced by inferior skin lotions that are watery and do very little for the health of your skin. Some can even degrade skin health.

Biochemist Dr. Loren Pickart's handcrafted Calypso's Replenishing Youth Factor Oils to be an effective blend of two simple plant oils: Squalane derived from olives and octyl palmitate from coconut oil.

Calypso's Oil also comes in versions with pure aromatic essential oils and pheromone-like scents such as lavender, ylang ylang and nutmeg, sandalwood, and a light pheromone only fragrance. For example, ylang ylang and sandalwood have been used for thousands of years to increase interpersonal attraction, have mild aphrodisiac qualities and increase interpersonal bonding. Lavender soothes the skin and aids relaxation.

Calypso's Oils for Attraction and Bonding:
Skin Biology's Calypso's Oil are a safe replacement for ineffective perfumes. You can also purchase the same pheromone fragrances in our Protect & Restore Body Lotion (handmade copper peptide lotion containing retinol and Dr. Pickart's signature pheromone signature scents).

PERCENT of Essential Oil Method of Application EFFECTS
Expensive Perfumes Often an insignificantly
small amount of a
confusing mix of oils
added to 24-76% of alcohol
Applied to
wrists and earlobes
- Does not enter
pheromone plumb
Alcohol can be
very drying to the skin
- Synthetic chemical
fragrances are often used
Calypso's Replenishing
Youth Factor Oils
2.5% to 3%
only a few synergistic oils
Applied to upper
torso and breasts
- Enters body's
pheromone plumb
Only the purest of
hydrating essential
oils are used to
serve as protectant
for dry skin
Protect & Restore
Body Lotion

(with Pheromones)
2.5% to 3%
only a few synergistic oils
Applied to upper
torso and breasts
- Enters body's
pheromone plumb
Copper peptides
blended with pure
essential oils help
enhance younger-
looking skin


For Daily Use - The easiest way to use Calypso's Oil is to apply it to your skin in the morning or before bed. Apply it to your torso and skin areas that may be too dry or irritated such as elbows, hands, and feet.

After Bath or Shower - While your skin is still damp, you can rub the oil on your skin to impart a silky smoothness to your skin. Then pat dry with a towel.

In Your Bath - Add to the bath water to soften and protect your skin as you bathe. The oil will float to the surface and adhere to your skin as you leave the bath. For Attraction and Bonding For attraction of others, you should not always use an oil that you personally prefer. For example, patchouli oil is loved by women but not men. It is felt to mimic sweat pheromones from men that attract women. Ylang Ylang Oil, on the other hand, seems to have stronger effects on men. Some oils seem to enhance mutual attraction such as musk and sandalwood.


By using an appropriate version of Calypso's Oil on your body (instead of a perfume) you can more strongly modify your personal pheromone signature. To test the effects of a version, apply after you bathe. Massage in Calypso's Oil directly to the torso - concentrating on the chest / breast area. If you bathe at night, the oil can be applied to dry skin in the morning.

As the natural heat of your body slowly evaporates the scents, it blends the pheromones of Calypso's Oil with your personal pheromone signature.

How to Test: Go about your daily routine. Responsive people should unconsciously notice your enhanced pheromone scent at about 3 to 5 feet. Aromatic molecules travel through the air at about 200 miles per hour. People will become aware of enhanced pheromone scents - even if it is at an unconscious level. Watch for people who unexpectedly turn around, more smiles, or extended conversations.

Observe patterns of response to decide what scent works best for you.

While general responses to essential oils and pheromones have been studied quite extensively and to a certain point can be predicted, remember that each individual is different.

For attraction or bonding, SB-74 Pheromone Only scent is excellent. Lavender is a beautiful fragrance that aids in relaxation, especially in the evening. Ylang Ylang is considered a strong aphrodisiac for men and is a favorite for our female clients to purchase. Sandalwood has been considered an universal attractant.

TIP! Use as massage oils for relaxation or romance.


TIP! Enhance the natural scent of your favorite copper peptide body products by using Calypso's Replenishing Youth Factor Oils applied lightly on top of creams such as Perfect LiftTriReduction Cream, or Protect & Restore Body Lotion!

TIP! For best results, apply to the chest or stomach which will allow the perfume to mix with your own scent as body heat rises.


Reviews (1)

anonymous 20th Feb 2012

great stuff

For helping my super-dry-and-itchy legs this stuff has been a marvel already. Very pleased on that account. Insofar as the scent goes, I'm tentatively thrilled. I got the ylang/nutmeg, and while I really like the smell (warm and spicy), I can't tell yet whether my husband does. I don't usually wear scents, so I'm waiting for him to wrinkle his nose and complain. Hasn't happened yet. *cross fingers* And for the's been two days. Hard to say whether I'm imagining things. So far I've received especially friendly service at stores and at the doctors, and one fellow at the deli kept giving me second glances. My husband did behave very warmly for my first night with it. He's already a loving and cuddly man, but he gets grumpy after work. Last night he wasn't. Infact, he was especially affectionately touchy and burst out with several "OMG, I love you!"s throughout the evening. This morning after my shower/oil he got frisky...a rarity on a work morning! Hmmm....

Additional Info & Ingredients

Additional Info & Ingredients


Paraben Free. Artificial Color and Dye Free. Non-comedogenic. Best within 36 months after opening. Does not contain animal products. NO Animal Testing.

Ethylhexyl palmitate and pure squalane from olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, [scent of your choice: lavandula stoeachas (spanish lavender) oil and pheromonesantalum album (sandalwood) oil and pheromonecananga odorata flower (ylang-ylang) oil and myristica fragrans (nutmeg) kernel oil and pheromone, fragrance (raspberries and cream) and pheromone, or Pheromone Only, or no scent].



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