Folligen Spray (2oz / 8oz / or Combo)

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Biochemist Dr. Loren Pickart's original copper peptide hair formula enhanced by antioxidants for healthier hair.

Copper peptides work to support hair beauty by employing amino acids that bind to the hair shaft to thicken the look of your hair in the manner used by Hair Conditioners at Long Hair Clinics*. Dr. Pickart previously invented the Tricomin and Graftcyte lines (highly rated haircare systems successfully used for decades). In his opinion, Folligen is a much more effective system.

Rejuvenate the look of youthfully thick hair!

How to Use: Apply Minoxidil for hair growth and thickness. Apply Folligen Therapy Spray for beauty while calming your scalp. Massage into the scalp for 5-10 seconds. For hair growth, use FDA-approved Minoxidil (2% or 5%). If you have blonde hair, substitute with Folligen for Blondes.

Folligen Spray + Minoxidil Combo

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For best results, use as directed below.

1. Part the hair or separate into sections so that the product can be applied directly on the scalp.

2. Use FDA approved Minoxidil to stimulate hair growth.

3. Opposite end of the day (or on alternate days as Minoxidil), apply Folligen Therapy Spray very lightly directly on the hairline or part line. Apply once a day or once every other day. Massage into the scalp. Leave on the scalp for at least 6-8 hours before washing off. Product can be left on until the next time the hair is washed. Application should be so light that it just barely covers the area without leaving the product runny, drippy, or the hair excessively damp or wet.

TIP! Apply a light amount of Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher for Hair after applying Folligen. Use Emu Oil as a light scalp oil to improve penetration of Folligen product or to lightly condition split ends.


After you apply Folligen Therapy Spray, you will notice an increasing improvement in the appearance, beauty, and look of thickness of your hair.*

Folligen Solution Therapy Spray combines copper-peptides in a synergistic formula enhanced by antioxidants. Dr. Pickart's Folligen formula also contains the amino acid glycine that binds to the hair shaft to thicken the look of hair in the manner used by specialized hair conditioners.*

All Folligen products contain an effective concentration of blue-colored copper-peptide complexes discovered originally by Dr. Pickart. This product does not contain ANY blue dyes or scalp-damaging detergents or alcohol.

Folligen is sold in two versions:

(1) Folligen Hair & Scalp Nutrient Cream works well on hairlines and those with dry scalp

(2) Folligen Solution Therapy Spray is a water-based (oil-free) Folligen formula comes with a sprayer for application. Can be used for larger areas.

Advanced Hair Tips: Folligen and Hair Signals Therapy


Lightly spray Folligen directly on areas of thinning hair (or request a dropper from Skin Biology). Massage into scalp for 5-10 seconds. Apply once a day or once every other day. This product can be easily diluted with water if desired (or if you have sensitive scalp). Use sparingly.

If you are using Minoxidil for hair growth, alternate every other day applications of Foligen.

Apply directly to the scalp once a day or once every other day. This product can be "diluted" by basing the scalp first with a light amount of Emu Oil before lightly applying. Use sparingly. For improved results: massage into the scalp. If you are blonde, try Folligen for Blondes. After applying any copper peptide to the scalp, gently massage the scalp for 5-10 seconds.


Air dry your hair whenever possible. Limit use of heat (blow dryers, curling irons, hot combs, flat irons) to special occasions only or not at all. Be careful of shampoos and conditioners which may contain harsh detergents and flash-foaming agents that strip protective coating proteins of the hair shaft. For shampoos/conditioners fortified with copper peptides use Folligen Shampoo and Folligen Conditioner. Supplements of MSM (2-4 grams daily) and flaxseed oil (4 grams daily) may also help with hair health.

Blonde Hair - NOTE: If you have light colored hair (or have chemically treated blonde highlights), be advised that your hair may temporarily pick up a green tint from Folligen. Try to keep the products on the scalp. If a greenish tint occurs, just rinse with lemon juice and water to easily remove it. Or use Folligen for Blondes which is designed specifically for blonde hair.

Before Color Treating or Applying Hair Dye - NOTE: It is important to discontinue use of Folligen Spray on the hair for about 1-2 weeks before attempting to chemically color treat the hair. Copper-peptides can possibly react with the hair dye, and although these occurrences are rare, the color may not come out as desired.


Reviews (5)

RACHAELA 12th Apr 2021


My hair is mid back length, and I have long-term cancer, so for the last several years my hair wasn't staying in the anagen stage properly, and the growth rate went from 5" to 4" per year. During shampoos, I'd shake off gobs of hair and lost 200-230 hairs each time (I counted). After only a week into using Folligen Spray daily, the excess shedding halted, and I now shed up to 30 hairs during each wash. Nothing else I've tried internally or externally ever helped, so this is miraculous! I've used Folligen since Dec/19, and I'm thrilled the results are ongoing and not a fluke. UPDATE MAR/21: After using this product for more than a year, I can confirm my hair growth has increased to almost 5.5" per year. I don't know how a little copper liquid can have such a dramatic, wonderful affect on my hair, but it has! I happily continue to buy this product.

Ekaterina 25th Jan 2018

It works

I used this spray about 4 months and had good result - more hair on bald zones. But also this spray has some minuses. You can feel the alcohol smell. It irritates your skin and you can feel small itch. Also it gives the dirty hair effect. Thats why I prefer and recommend to use Folligen Cream not Spray. You can see photos Before and After in my blog

Additional Info & Ingredients

Additional Info & Ingredients

Product Details:

Fragrance-free, paraben-free, artificial color and dye free. Non-comedogenic. Best within 36 months after opening. NO Animal Testing.

Folligen Solution Therapy Spray:

Water, hydrolyzed soy protein*, glycerin, phenoxyethanol, cupric chloride, butylene glycol, glycine, polysorbate 20, allantoin, aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) powder, vitamin E TPGS (tocophersolan).


*NOTE: Hydrolyzed soy protein used in this product is non-GMO. It is obtained from soybeans and is then broken down by water to form a complex that is not harmful. Hydrolyzed soy protein used in Skin Biology products is not genetically modified.


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