Needling Combo: Complete Needling Package

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Micro needling peptide set to improve skin appearance* by heightening the penetration of advanced copper peptides found in Dr. Pickart's oil-free copper peptide serums.

Choose from: Regular CP Serum OR Super GHK-Copper Serum. Lightly apply a copper peptide liquid product after rolling. Both copper serums can be easily diluted with water before applying after skin needling.

KIT INCLUDES - (1) Skin Roller Device + Instructions, (1) Copper Peptide Serum of your choice, (2) Emu Oil* biological moisturizer for post-needling skin care.

CP Serum:

3 strength

Super GHK-Cu Serum:

5 strength

Relative Scale (1 to 28): 1 = lower copper / 28 = highest copper

*NOTE: Due to Federal Regulations, we cannot ship Emu Oil internationally. If you live outside the USA, your combo will be substituted with Squalane Oil.

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Micro Needling (skin needling or skin rolling) has been successfully used for many years in clinics and dermatologist offices. At-home devices can be effective when used properly and when the skin is allowed "recovery time" (or a rest period) in-between uses. Breaking up damage and heightening the penetration of skin-healthy copper peptides works well to soften the look of blemishes and deep lines.*

Skin Needling can be safely performed on all skin colors and types. Clients new to skin rolling should always start with a shorter length needle (0.5mm is perfect for general facial use).

The beauty of Super GHK-Copper is that it is both soothing and intense. GHK-Copper products were inspired by groundbreaking research and are designed especially for those starting out with copper-peptides, or who have sensitive skin, or for sensitive skin areas (i.e. around the eye area and neck). GHK-Copper markedly improves skin's complexion, reduces appearance of wrinkles and helps restore a lifted and youthful look, especially when used in conjunction with microneedling (or skin needling).

For your skin's benefit after derma rolling, GHK-Super Copper is further enriched with skin identical lipids that improve smoothness, impart a healthy glow and saturate skin with moisture. A selection of natural antioxidants further enhances skin transformation.*

Skin Biology's Emu Oil-S starts with 100% pure emu oil and then is supplemented with natural protective antioxidants (ubiquinone (Co-Q-10), mixed (alpha, beta, gamma, delta) tocotrienols (vitamin E), mixed (alpha, beta, gamma, delta) tocopherols, and xanthophyll (lutein) to immediately restore skin to a soft, well-hydrated state.

Skin Needling Copper Peptide Serums After Skin Needling


Take Periodic Breaks to Allow Skin to Recover | Remember: Less is More

LESS IS MORE: Overuse of your device will not improve your results and may harm your skin. Only use the device as instructed. DO NOT use around eye area.

Areas of skin to avoid: Do not use roller around eye area, on lip skin, on nose skin*, or on any area of skin that is red, irritated, experiencing an active breakout (acne), or on any skin condition (rosacea, eczema, etc). *There is less blood supply on nose area. If needling is not done properly in this area the skin can fail to rejuvenate.

How to clean your roller head: Be sure the device is thoroughly cleansed by soaking for 5-8 mins in alcohol. Do not try to use boiling water or steam to cleanse your device.

Prepare the skin before use: Skin area MUST be completely clean of dirt, makeup, etc. before rolling. Be sure that your fingers and hands are completely clean when handling your device. It may be best to only use the 1.5mm size on the body. DO NOT use on skin that is red, irritated, experiencing an active breakout, or if you have any skin condition (rosacea, eczema, etc). Start with the shortest needle length first.

Example: Think of skin needling as a method similar to cultivating a field. A disc machine is typically used first before using the actual plow. In like manner, a shorter needle length (0.5mm) will work well to prepare the skin first as you very gradually work up to a longer length (if needed).

Do not share with other persons. Do not roll too much. Keep microneedles extremely clean. Store in a safe place out of the reach of children.


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Additional Info & Ingredients

Additional Info & Ingredients


Water, hydrolyzed soy protein*, glycerin, hydroxyethylcellulose, phenoxyethanol, polysorbate 20 ,cupric chloride, glycine, allantoin, aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) powder, fragrance (herbal mask), vitamin E TPGS (tocophersolan).



Water, glycerincopper tripeptide-1 (GHK-Copper)polysorbate 20hydroxyethyl cellulosephenoxyethanolallantoinbutylene glycolglycinealoe barbadensis leaf juice (aloe vera) gel,polysorbate 80,tocophersolan (vitamin E) and fragrance (herbal mask).


Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher for Skin:

Emu oil (distilled refined), ubiquinone (CoQ-10), vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopherol plus mixed tocopherols: d-beta, d-delta and d-gamma tocopherol), xanthophyll (Lutein).


Skin Biology's Emu Oil-S meets All AGA & AFA Microbiological Qualities for Cosmetic & Topical Pharmaceutical Compliment To Medicine.

We only sell pure emu oil that has been filtered three different times. Once slowly by low indirect heat to kill any bacteria & or contaminants. Then run twice through cheese cloth & clay which helps to make it creamy off-white in color and odorless. It is a cosmetic grade oil that can be used topically. Stored at room temperature emu oil lasts about 3-6 months (depending on the room). If refrigerated, emu oil can last at least 1 year. Skin Biology refrigerates our Emu Oil-S before the bottle-filling process to further extend its life.

*NOTE: Hydrolyzed soy protein used in this product is non-GMO. It is obtained from soybeans and is then broken down by water to form a complex that is not harmful. Hydrolyzed soy protein used in Skin Biology products is not genetically modified.

SKIN ROLLER MANUFACTURER DETAILS: 540 Titanium Needles - CE Certified and Approved for High Quality and Safety Standards. Specs: GMT540 Derma Roller - Sterile Safety Sealed. Use only as directed. Do not share with other persons. Do not roll too much. Keep microneedles extremely clean. Store in a safe place out of the reach of children.


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